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Curriculum Vitae


Vice President of Exploration and Director

Oct 2022 - Current

Indigo Exploration Inc.

•VP Exploration and Director of this early stage lithium brine exploration company.

President, CEO and Director

Sept 2014 - Current

Whytecliff Resource Corp.

•Founder and Director of this oil and gas related geologic consulting company offering advising services with respect to capital markets and project development.

Wellsite Geologist 

Sept 2014 - Current

Pro Geo Consultants Inc.

•Drilling and executing the well plans for horizontal and vertical oil and gas wells. Responsibiities include the analysis of rock cuttings, core samples and petrophysical data to ensure the correct formation is encountered maximizing resevior potential.

VP Exploration

June 2021 - Current

Mega Helium Corp.

•Founder and Director of this early stage helium exploration company with 123 sections of helium exploration permits in southern Saskatchewan.

CEO and Director

March 2022 - Oct 2023

Reliance Minerals Ltd.

•Founder and Director of this early stage in-situ mining potash exploration company pursuing new economical ways to develop marginal potash resources.

CEO and Director

June 2019 - Oct 2023

Resolute Resources Ltd.

•Founder and Director of this early stage Canada focused E&P company with 15 sections of PNG rights in northern BC pursing a bypassed pay target.

Analyst and Director

June 2016 - Dec 2018

Founder and chief analyst of a quarterly investment publication.


MWD and Directional Drilling Operations

May 2014  - Sept 2014

Phoenix Technology Services Ltd.

Collection and processing of petrophysical and geologic data with respect to energy exploration projects. Responsibilities include project management, field operations, well logging and tool maintenance with respect to horizontal and deviated oil and gas wells.


Contract Geoscientist in Training

Mar 2014 – May 2014

Waterline Resources Inc.

• Collection and processing of geologic data with respect to energy exploration projects. Responsibilities include project management, field operations, monitoring of seismic drilling, hydrogeology, geologic mapping, lithology identification and core logging.


Geophysical Field Operations

July 2013 – Dec 2013

Excel Geophysics Inc.

• Collection and processing of geophysical data with respect to gravity, magnetic, SP and IP studies for the petroleum and mining industry. Responsibilities involved designing geophysical studies (magnetic, gravity, SP, DTS, GPR), mapping geologic features and the collection, processing and interpretation of geophysical data.


Research Assistant – Geology Dept.

Jan. 2012 - April 2012

University of Calgary, Alberta

• Performed Spectral gamma ray analysis of a shale core to determine the possibility of economic gas production from an emerging shale gas prospect. Duties required the operation and calibration of a spectral gamma ray scanner and recording and interpretation of the data.


Corporate Finance Associate

Feb. 2004 – June 2012

Union Securities Ltd., Calgary, AB

• Performed asset evaluation, financial analysis, economic research, commodity research, portfolio management, corporate finance and due diligence with respect to equity offerings.



MSc (Energy Law), University of Tulsa College of Law

Dec 2019 

B.Sc (Petroleum Geology), University of Calgary

April 2013


BA (Economics), University of Calgary

April 2003


Fellowship of the Canadian Securities Institute, CSI

Jan 2009


Certified Financial Technician (CFTe), IFTA                                                                                         

Oct 2015



University of Tulsa - College of Law - MSc Energy Law

  • Energy Research Analysis and Writing​

  • Oil and Gas Markets

  • Regulation of Energy Markets

  • Basic Environmental Law

  • Water Rights and Water Law

  • Advanced Oil and Gas Law

  • Thesis - Asset Retirement Obligations in Bankruptcy: The Conflict Between Bankruptcy Law and Environmental Law 

The University of Calgary - BSc. Geology

  • Professional Practice for Geoscientists

  • Petroleum Fluids

  • Petroleum Generation & Migration

  • Reservoir Character & Reservoir Evaluation

  • Subsurface Methods for Petroleum Geology

  • Petrophysical Techniques

  • Structural Geology

  • Stratigraphy & Sedimentation of Clastic Rocks

  • Stratigraphy & Sedimentation of Carbonate Rocks

  • Sedimentary Petrology

  • Stratigraphy & Sedimentation

  • Surficial Geology

  • Physical Hydrogeology

  • Field Methods I & II

  • Exploration Geophysics

  • Geophysical Interpretation

  • Geochemical Processes

  • Mineralogy I & II

  • Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology

  • Paleobiology

  • Geological History Of Life 

Canadian Securities Institute

  • Energy Derivative Markets 

  • Financial Derivative Markets

  • Options Licensing Course

  • Futures Licensing Course

  • Technical Analysis Course I & II

  • Portfolio Management Techniques

  • Investment Management Techniques

  • Ethics of Financial Markets


The University of Calgary - BA Economics

  • Petroleum In The North American Economy

  • Natural Gas Markets

  • Economics Of Financial Markets

  • Money And Banking

  • The Global Trading System

  • International Trade

  • Economic History of Asia

  • Introduction To Econometrics

  • Macroeconomics I & II

  • Microeconomics I & II

  • Calculus I & II

  • Behavioural Economics

  • The Economics Of Social Problems

  • Issues & Trends In World Politics

  • Economics of The Canadian Labour Market

  • Introdution To International Relations

  • Canada And World Politics

  • Canadian Public Finance

  • The Canadian State

  • Political Economics Of Public Policy

  • History Of Political Thought I & II

  • Political Ideologies

Market Technician Association

  • CMT Level 2


Professional Development Continuing Education Geology

Go24 Geosteering Course – ADAGA - May 2019
Basic Log Analysis for Geologists - CWLS - May 2019
Introduction to Geosteering – (CSPG) - Apr 2019
Rock Analysis Workshop 2019 – (CSPG) - Mar 2019
Introductory Log Ananlysis for Geoscience and Engineering Associates (CWLS) - May 2018
Introduction to Kingdom – IHS - Apr 2017
GeoScout for Geologists - geoLogic - Apr 2017
APEGA PD Seminar: Permit to Practice - Mar 2017 
Introductory Energy Geoscience (CSPG) - May 2015
APEGA PD Seminar: Wellbore Stability and Unconventional Reservoir - Apr 2015
Estimating Porosity and Permeability From Drill Cuttings (Hayden Consulting) - Apr 2015
Sample Logging Course  (Canstrat Inc.) - Oct 2014  




Operations Geoscience International Competency Assessment Exam (OGICA) - The Geological Society The Geological Society Issued Apr 2024

Emergency First Aid + CPR – Standard C - March 2024
WHMIS - July 2024
H2S Safety Course - Feb  2025
TDG Certification - Dec 2024
Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) - Oct 2015
Defensive Driving Course - Jan 2025
Fall Prevention Course - May 2014
Wildlife Awareness Course - May 2014
ASC ATV Rider Course - Feb 2014
Petroleum Safety Training 2.0 Certification - Sep 2013
Derivative Market Strategies Designation, Canadian Securities Inst. - Dec 2011
CMT Level 2, Market Technician Association - Nov 2011
Fellowship of the Canadian Securities Inst. - July 2009
Options Licensing Course, Canadian Securities Inst. - July 2007
Futures Licensing Course, Canadian Securities Inst. - Mar2005
Canadian Investment Manager Designation, Canadian Securities Inst. - May2005
Conduct and Practices Handbook Course, Canadian Securities Inst. - Aug2003
Canadian Securities Course, Canadian Securities Inst. - May2003


AAPG - Abstract Review IMAGE 2024 (Mar 2024)

Secretary of the Petroleum Historical Society- Calgary, AB (2023)

Secretary of the Minerals Exploration Group - Calgary, AB (2023)



Professional Geologist - Engineers and Geoscientists of BC - Victoria, BC (2020)

Professional Geologist - APEGA – Calgary, AB (2018)

Member of the Petroleum Historical Society- Calgary, AB (2017)

Member of the Minerals Exploration Group - Calgary, AB (2017)

Member International Federation of Technical Analysts – Rockville, Maryland (2015)

Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute – Toronto, ON (2007)


St. Mary's Church Feed the Hungry (Jan 2024 - Current)

Calgary Drop In and Rehab Centre (Jan 2024 - Current)

Petroleum History Society - Secretary (2023 - Current)

University of Calgary - Guest Lecturer Economics 441 (Mar 2024)

AAPG - Abstract Review IMAGE 2024 (Mar 2024)

Minerals Exploration Group - Secretary (2023 - Current)

Parkinson Canada - Casino Night (Mar 2024)

Radiance Family Society - Casino Night (Jan 2024)

Habitat for Humanity - Casino Night (2007)

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